Energy Saving Maintenance

Choose the Energy Savings Agreement or Maintenance Service That's Best for You!

At Click4AC, we realize that the condition of cooling and heating systems can vary widely from house to house depending on various circumstances. That's why we offer our customers flexible maintenance services and plans to accommodate their unique situations. From new or well-maintained equipment, to badly neglected systems, we give you options so you can select the service just right for you.

AC Check-Up

We offer this service for new customers whose equipment we have not serviced or repaired before, and for previous customers with equipment we haven't serviced within the last 3 years. It allows us to evaluate your home comfort system from top to bottom, provide minor maintenance procedures, clean your primary drain pan and drain line, then let you know what repairs or services you might need to bring your system up to good working order.

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Precision Tune-Up

This is our 100% Guaranteed Tune-Up and Cleaning Service. We provide this for current customers whose equipment has been previously inspected and maintained by Click4AC and who want to keep their air conditioning or heat pump system running at peak performance. Not only do we test the operation of electrical relays, capacitors, contacts and motors, we also include a complete cleaning of the blower assembly, plus both the indoor and outdoor coils. This helps lower utility bills, extend equipment life and prevent breakdowns. If you prefer to keep track of your own maintenance schedule, remember to have us perform this Precision Tune-Up at least once a year.

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Platinum Plan

For our busy customers who want reliable AC maintenance, but want to leave the scheduling to someone else, our Annual Platinum Plan is the perfect answer. It provides the peace-of-mind of knowing that the Click4AC Service Team will contact you when you are due for maintenance service. It provides a 15% discount on repairs, priority customer service scheduling, eliminates overtime charges, and is totally transferable. This Energy Savings Agreement also ensures that your equipment will get our Precision Tune-Up three once a year, usually in Spring and Fall. This is the plan we recommend for our full-time area residents and it is always backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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* Platinum Plan requires an initial Precision Tune-Up as described above, prior to implementation.

Lower utility bills  
Extend equipment life
Fewer future repairs
Improved capacity  
15% discount on repair  
Priority customer scheduling    
Agreement is transferable    
Service 7 days per week    
Never an overtime charge    
Improved indoor Air quality  
Chemically clean:  
1. Indoor coils  
2.Drain pan and drain line  
3. Outdoor coils  
Examine and test all electrical connections and controls
Tighten electrical connection in equipment
Test voltage and amperage for all motors and controls
Measure for correct air flow
Lubricate moving parts
Test calibration of thermostat
Measure temperature difference across indoor coil  
Clean outside cabinet of indoor outdoor units  
Coat air handler cabinet interior with Micro biocide  
Inspect exterior and interior of ductwork
Test heat strip operation Clean ignition assembly
PRICE Per System Rs.1850.00 Rs.5,500.00 Rs.4675.00
Total Investment Total Investment Annual Renewal
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